Gain THE Confidence & skills to become a leader.

Learn advanced motor skill development from memory repetition and self-control from sparring drills. Acknowledge fears then accept, adapt and overcome them. Apply discipline and focus to achieve goals and finish assignments. Learn kata, sparring, self defense, and weapons skills that build self confidence while enhancing your Martial Arts abilities.

American Karate Youth Karate class preparing for side kicks
Intermediate and Advance students from the American Karate Youth Karate program.
My son Ethan just recently joined American Karate. We were looking for something to not only replace baseball, but also help with his coordination and confidence. It has been amazing how quickly those things as well as balance and strength have improved. He loves it and can’t wait each day to get to session. We as parents love the need for respect the instructors are teaching him. Thank you so much!
— Maureen & Damon Schott
Students from the American Karate Youth Karate program.

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