Private Lessons accelerate your training and sharpen your skills.




Mr. Woehler teaching student in one-on-one private karate lesson.

One on one private lessons allow you to accomplish your goals and accelerate your training. They are also an effective way to enhance and refine your skills for superior performance. Highly recommended for self protection, weight loss, competition training.

30 min. Sessions
$30 - 1 Class  //  $125 - 5 Class Pack



Mr. Norton teaching self-defense in group private karate lesson.

Our private group training is very effective for families, allowing each member to achieve their training goals without the distractions of a large class. Group training also provides a more cost effective way for students to accelerate their training and hone their skills.

1 Hour Sessions  (3-4 students per group)
$40 - 1 Class  //  $160 - 5 Class Pack


Through both group and one-on-one instruction, children are taught with encouragement and firm, yet always kind, discipline.
— Audrey Hendee