Intense, advanced training for sport competition.

Team AK classes give students an opportunity to devote two classes per week to training in all the skills necessary to perform effectively at sport karate competition. The three areas of focus include Forms, Sparring, and Weapons. It is made up of all ages & ranks worthy of intense training and competition. Many of the students in this class are members of our elite competition team — competing and winning on a local and national level.



American Karate student practicing kata for competition.

Forms (Kata)

A kata is a pattern of movements representing a real fight against multiple opponents. Kata training is part of the curriculum and plays a key role in our martial arts development. Kata builds focus, power, and control in the practitioner while developing balance, timing, and intensity. Kata develops muscle memory and mental clarity allowing the body to respond to a threat with instinct and less conscious thought. 

Our TeamAK classes allow students to focus and refine their forms for competition, while learning the disciplines of performing at the highest level.

American Karate students practicing sparring for competition.

Sparring (Kumite)

Kumite is the art of free style sparring with emphasis on technique and control while displaying respect before and after the match. In the beginning, students focus on basic techniques to develop control and accuracy before being accepted into sparring class. Once they have completed basics and achieved Yellow Belt, they then have the option to participate in TeamAK competition classes.

This class provides intense focus on sparring strategy, advanced techniques, and mental preparation. Students are able to accelerate their training by sparring with TeamAK sport karate veterans.

American Karate student practicing weapons form for competition.


Weapons training enhances your coordination, increases your strength, and improves your kata and sparring abilities.

Weapons training is available to intermediate and advanced level students who demonstrate control, respect, and responsibility of their Martial Arts training. We offer long and short range weapons including the bo staff (long range), as well as kamas and escrima sticks ( short range).


Are you looking for something that will make a difference in your child’s life and have a meaningful impact on their future? You should consider becoming a team member at American Karate. In this dojo my daughter has developed confidence and is equipped to handle challenging situations. She looks forward to going to class and competitions. Her instructors are top notch. They believe in their students.
— Kelle McCallum


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