One week of action packed fun, fitness and Martial Arts training – Indoors and Out!

 American Karate Summer Camp 2015
  American Karate Summer Camp 2015 - sword sparring
  American Karate Summer Camp 2015 - running
  American Karate Summer Camp students 2015

Karate Camp is a week of action-packed fun, physical training and intense activities where every day is something new! Whether a current student or just interested in trying it out, all kids ages 7-12 are welcome! AK Karate Camp includes indoor & outdoor activities such as foam sword sparring, kickball, board breaking, swimming and more.



  • 1 Week of action packed fun.

  • Physical fitness and training. 

  • No karate experience necessary.

  • Bring your friend

  • Kids ages 7-12.

  • Indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Sword sparring, board breaking, and more.


5 Days of Martial Arts Fun!