Empowering women physically, mentally and emotionally against any form of bullying or violence.

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  • How to not think or react like a victim.

  • How to stand up for yourself if you are an intended target of violence.

  • How to break the cycle of self-sabotage that causes aggressive behavior or bullying.


The "Girls-On-Guard" self protection seminar is for women who don’t have time for continuous extensive training. Instead, they are looking to learn tactics that give them an edge when dealing with a violent person with intent to do harm to either them, their loved ones, or an innocent bystanders.



Next Session To Be Announced

World class instruction

Ray Amanat

Ray Amanat founded “Heroes in Action” mainly because he was a victim of bullying and violence at home and from elementary school through high school. A Hero in his life helped him to realize that he deserved to be safe, and deserved to be respected. With that, Ray decided to be a “Victim No More”, and to end the bullying and violence in his life. He began studying Martial Arts which gave him the confidence and empowered him to stand up against those who were bullying him.

Ray has lectured at public and private universities, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. He gives seminars and personal safety workshops to individuals and corporations, providing them with street-smart tips, practical advice, and role-playing with real world examples. He works with area law enforcement and local D.A.R.E. programs, as well as the St. Louis Special School District, to give guidance to children with special needs, and is often interviewed by radio and news programs.

Ray has has become a leading advocate for victims of abuse, bullying and violence. His tragic personal experience gave him a first-hand understanding of their experiences, which is why the program he developed works. It is also why he continuously works toward promoting the goal of Amanat’s Heroes In Action, to educate everyone in the community to create a safer environment, so we can all move forward in life in a positive way.

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